Частный тур в музей Пирогово под открытым небом

Частный тур в музей Пирогово под открытым небом


Duration: 3 hours

Officially known as the National Museum of Ukrainian Architecture and Culture, the Pirogovo Open Air Museum is the largest open air museum in Europe!

The tour guide will navigate and show you the most interesting corners. You will learn about Ukrainian history, architecture, arts, and culture at this innovative museum.

Covering 1. 3 million square meters, it reproduces the traditional ways of living in different regions of Ukraine and is a great way to understand the way Ukrainians lived a hundred years ago. The museum is located just south of Kiev, next to the Holosiyivskiy forest and near the village of Pirogovo.

If you want to change the program of the tour, e. g. make it longer, let me know.