Dental Tour

It’s with good reason that the Ukrainian dentistry is considered to be one of the best in Europe. We are a Dental Tour company offering medical tourism services in Ukraine. We work together with the best dental clinics.

Only highly qualified doctors using the top-of-the-line equipment are involved to manipulations.

Our online dentist will help you make up an approximate treatment plan and offer the best option based upon budget available.

We work to provide you with the best treatment and comfortable stay in Ukraine.

Guarantee is given for 100% dental services.

We offer transportation and accommodation services, as well as various tours and recreation programs during and following the treatment.

Ukraine is a very beautiful country! Discover it with us!

How do we work?

We offer you treatment options based upon preliminary consultation
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If you are satisfied with the treatment offered, you pay the organizational fee amounting to $ 125
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Then you have to buy a flight ticket to Kyiv and send us a photo of it. Thereafter we plan your treatment based upon on the arrival date
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Upon arrival you’ll be provided with transportation and accommodation services, and brought to the clinic thereafter
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Your designated personal assistant will help to arrange for recreation, tours and/or solve whatever issues (if any), while you undergoing treatment
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You go back home
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