Teeth whitening

Look and smile are the most important things on which we pay attention communicating with a person. White healthy teeth testify that a person is healthy and successful and even looks younger!

Our Clinics use only a modern system of whitening ZOOM 3 – a procedure that allows getting a natural whiteness and brilliance of teeth only for 1 hour (!), you choose the tint that must be attained. This procedure is absolutely painless and safe. The harmful action of whitening gel comes down to zero due to the presence of admixtures that mineralize an enamel and had a minimum thermal effect on teeth.

In the process of the procedure, a constant effect can be achieved upon a condition of observance of doctor’s recommendations about the care of teeth and periodic visit of your dentist for examination and professional hygiene.

To improve your image a healthy snow-white smile is the best decision! Have a nice day and a confident smile!

otbelivanie - Teeth whitening
otbelivanie 2 - Teeth whitening