Canal treatment

The term “endodontics” might not be quite clear to a person without medical education, although we often have our tooth pulp treated, root canals filled or, as it is called by the general public, have the “nerve” removed. That is exactly what endodontic treatment or root canal treatment is and you can barely do without it. This treatment is aimed at curing a tooth and possibly making a prosthesis and restorations later on. It is such a consecutive therapy that makes it possible to preserve a tooth and not lose it for good.

Besides, a timely visit to a doctor and high-quality help will let you get rid of many troubles that an aching tooth requiring endodontic treatment is causing: you will not feel pain when biting food, you will not wake up in the middle of the night because of acute toothache, you will not suffer from discomfort after brushing your teeth, your gums will stop swelling and aching, reacting to hot and cold foods… All these issues will be resolved with proper several stages of root canal cleaning, which might be necessary both in the process of root canal treatment in Kiev, and when there are injuries or when infection spreads from a cavity to nerves and blood vessels located inside a tooth.

  • For the treatment not to cause unpleasant sensations, our doctor will first pick out an individually suited anesthetic.
  • When the sensitivity is lowered, we start working with dental pulp.
  • Later on we clean out root canals with special tools and substances (mechanically or with the help of medicines).
  • When the root canal has been cleaned and prepared, we start filling root canals using the up-to-date 3D obturation technique.

We do this with the help of System B and Obtura machines. Their advantage is that a root canal is hermetically sealed after they have been used! This prevents recurring infections and the healing process in the tissue goes faster. Treating one tooth might even be over in one visit for some patients! You have to remember, however, that within a month of endodontic treatment the tooth has to be covered with a crown or restored.

You can see how the equipment and our highly professional specialists work for yourself, because we will show you photos of all the stages of treatment after therapy is over.

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