Dental Orthodontics

Orthodontics (ortos – straight, odus -, ontes – a tooth) is a division of stomatology, studying etiology, pathogeny, features of dentoalveolar anomalies, methods of their diagnostics and treatment.

How does a problem of orthodontia appear?

Forming of a bite pathology begins at early age and often remains unnoticed by parents. Reasons of these defects are: harmful habits, wrong breathing and swallowing, inherited predisposition and other factors. During the maturing of a child pathology of bite aggravates and requires more protracted treatment. An early orthodontic correction allows to avoid expensive treatment with braces and eliminating of healthy teeth and also provides good and stable aesthetic results.

The main factors of bite pathology development are harmful habits. If your child did not give up a habit to suck a finger or baby’s dummy, lays a tongue between teeth, breathes with a mouth or swallows incorrectly till 3 years you need to visit an orthodontist. A doctor will select a protective vestibular plate to your child that will help him\her to give up harmful habits, will teach  him\her to breathe and swallow correctly. All these factors should motivate parents to show a child to an orthodontist, it is advised to do as earlier as possible.

It is impossible to disregard primary teeth, their condition and presence influence forming of permanent bite and permanent teeth condition. If a primary tooth was deleted, particularly lateral teeth, then you should take your child to an orthodontist.

An ideal time for complete orthodontic treatment is a period of pubescence (after all permanent teeth eruption and forming of a permanent bite), because there is some margin of vertical and jaw growth and also the social adaptation to orthodontic treatment does not make big problems.

orthodontia 1 - Orthodontics

Closing of diastema (distance between teeth) with braces

Modern orthodontia offers to patients a great choice of different methods of bite correction. The times when orthodontic treatment consisted of bearing of cumbersome metallic bows passed. Nowadays removable and fixed units for the correction of a teeth location in a dentition are used. Their selection is made depending on a clinical situation, wishes and possibilities of a patient, age and level of bite defection.

In our clinic, specialists will select the individual plan of treatment for you, control its progress till the final result.

orthodontia 2 - Orthodontics

Closing the diastema (holes between the teeth) with braces

Combined system: ceramic braces on front teeth and metallic braces on lateral teeth.

You should not disregard the places of exodontia for a long time because under the effect of pressure toward emptinesses in an oral cavity, surrounding teeth are displaced that forms a tipping.

How does the tipping of teeth threaten the man? Foremost in such a situation, the full process of digestion is violated, a meal is not disintegrated creating the additional loading on a stomach. Malocclusion can cause violation of diction, premature elimination of teeth enamel in the places of their anomalous contiguity. Tipping of teeth hampers the process of hygienical care of the oral cavity that similarly affects the teeth’ health condition.

We should mention that realization that teeth are in non-perfect condition affects the psychical and social status of a person. Traditionally for full communication with people, a realization of the ideas, the establishment of contacts we use the most powerful weapon – our smile.

orthodontia 3 - Orthodontics

Straight teeth and a pleasant smile have positive status on all social levels.