Orthopedic dentistry

Orthopaedic stomatology (prosthetics) is the division of stomatology, aimed at renewal of  lost dentition  and also renewal of separate tooth or group of teeth.

Traditionally, orthopaedic treatment was considered the final stage of rehabilitation of mouth cavity of  a patient. However, nowadays any complex plan of treatment, including one tooth elimination or volume parodontic maneuvers need an    exploration of an orthopaedist.

As final (permanent) prosthetic appliances

Clinics can offer all spectrum of modern stomatological technologies : traditional crownworks, prosthetic bridges, based on metallic alloys and also ultra-modern innovative technologies of  non metal full ceramic constructions based on framework made on the base of the zirconium dioxide or pressed ceramics.

Nowadays the special place is occupied by computer СAD/CAM technologies in making  of  frameworks (including metallic) that allow to get high exact fitting of fixed constructions, thereby excluding the excitation of periodental  tissues (parodentium) .

The leading criterion of prosthetic construction choice is maximal maintenance of dental enamel. In this context we use  adhesive  fixed prosthesis  appliances, where instead of crownworks coverage of teeth we use the inlays  of different configurations. Such constructions have the same  strength with the crownworks  and can save up to 70-80 % of a tooth.

A special place is taken to prosthesis with the use of implants that allows to fully restore the lost teeth and not to affect healthy ones. A modern dentoprosthetic laboratory in our Clinics allows to do the work of doctor-orthopaedist and dental technician maximally effective.

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Covering the tooth with a crown

  • A tooth colour is made with a dental technician  that allows to shorten the amount of visits to the Clinic
  • A dental technician with a doctor  has the opportunity to estimate a situation in the mouth cavity of  a Client  and to take into account the form of his face, colour of lips and eyes what is important to provide an optimal result.

It should be remembered that any orthopaedic construction (prosthetic appliance) has its own durability that  depends on the general state of health of a Client and  accomplishing  of prosthetic appliances care instructions. There is a system of clinical supervision of patients in our clinic that allows to educe possible problems and remove them on the early stages, maximally prolonging durability of the prosthetic appliances.

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