Must see in Kyiv – A best private tour

Must see in Kyiv – A best private tour


Duration: 4 hours

This tour gives you a chance to see the most interesting tourist attractions in Kyiv.

During the tour we will stroll through the narrow streets of the Old Town, carefully reconstructed after the World War II destruction, we will see the heart of Kyiv – Saint Sophia’s Cathedral, St. Andrew’s Church, St. Michael’s Monastery, The Golden Gates (is a UNESCO World Heritage site!).

You will hear the story of the reach beautiful city almost totally destroyed by the Nazis during the WWII, see the Old Town reborn in just a few years, discover the funny story of Kyiv and much more.

We can stop for a short break to drink some coffee or to taste some local delicacies, take a breath in a nice park full of greenery and old monuments.

Just tell me what you want!

This tour can be a good start for discovering Kyiv on your own. We’ll give you recommendations about interesting places and events, public transport usage and any other practical information.

The unique experience prepared especially for you!