One-day tour to Chernobyl

One-day tour to Chernobyl

Visit one of the best-known nuclear exclusion zones in the world on this private 1-day Chernobyl tour from Kiev. With me as your private guide to lead the way, head past the checkpoints and into the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

Chernobyl is the most famous Ukrainian phenomenon. If you plan to visit Ukraine or are already in the country, don’t miss the most important and unique experience and site.
Radiation makes the zone particularly interesting.

Now at the ground there lays, in the thousand-times-decreased scale, a picture of contamination after a large radiation incident – the picture extremely intricate, interesting, the representative also for chemical accidents and terrorist attacks, and fortunately already safe for the visitors. THIS TOUR CAN BE CUSTOMIZED

Duration: 10 hours

From $120 USD PER TOUR